The ISA offers six different professional certifications:  Certified Arborist, Board Certified Master Arborist, Tree Worker, Climber Specialist, Utility Specialist, Municipal Specialist, and Aerial Lift Specialist. These certifications are designed to give arborists of varying areas and levels of expertise the opportunity to demonstrate their level of knowledge and commitment to the industry. 

Benefits: Earning a credential shows a level of knowledge and dedication to your profession. Certification is a tool you can use to separate yourself from the competition in your business or job search.  See more benefits here: 


Certification: The different ISA certifications have varying qualification and testing requirements. Detailed information and applications can be found here:


Maintaining Your Certification: To maintain your ISA credential, you must either earn continuing education units (CEU’s) or you will be required to re-test. Specific requirements for maintaining your certification can be found here: 


Testing Dates: There are two options available for candidates to sit for their certification exams: paper-based exams offered by a chapter or affiliated organization, or computer-based exams. See our calendar for local paper-based exams. Look here for more information on taking a computer-based exam: 


Code of Ethics: All ISA Certified Arborists applicants are required to sign off that they have read and agree to follow the ISA Certified Arborist Code of Ethics:


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 If you have any additional question about the ISA Certification, please contact:

Certification Liaison:  Laura Lyon, Kentucky ISA Certification Liaison: laurajoy2003@yahoo.com