About Us

                     The Kentucky Arborists' Association (KAA) is the state chapter of the International Society of Arboriculture (ISA). Our purpose is to promote the science, technology and practice of professional arboriculture throughout Kentucky and to stimulate a greater interest, understanding, and appreciation among the public for urban trees. Our members include commercial, municipal, and utility arborists, community tree board members, educators, cooperative extension personnel, nurserymen, landscapers, students, and tree enthusiasts of every kind. 

Purpose: The purpose of the International Society of Arboriculture's (ISA), Kentucky Chapter is to foster a better understanding of plants and their safe care through the education of professional arborists, and the dissemination of information to prospective clients throughout the commonwealth. Organized in 1974, the Kentucky Chapter is one of over 60 international, non-profit/NGO components (chapters, associate organizations, professional affiliates) of ISA. Membership includes commercial, municipal, utility and education/research arborists, as well as college students pursuing related degrees.

Objective: An enhanced Kentucky arboricultural industry defined by the growth in sales and size of member firms, increased federal, state and private dollars allocated to research and education, a sustained, knowledgeable and skilled workforce, and a greater appreciation of trees and plants by the public.

Strategy: Through our Board of Directors, officers and standing committees, the Kentucky Chapter:

Our Chapter with ISA works to promote the local and global benefits of arboriculture, and assist state colleges and universities with the recruitment, education and placement of students within the arboricultural profession.


Goals of the Kentucky Chapter, ISA

Code of Ethics

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